Cygnus Gymnastics Training Centre is a not for profit organization holding an annual membership of approximately 1200 members and their families. We are one of the oldest and largest gymnastics facilities in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

We take pride in offering a wide variety of programs from our recreational classes for age 4 months to older adults, to our champion competitive teams. We are an advocate for Canadian Sport for Life and use the Long Term Athlete Development Model. Our goal is for every member to enjoy their gymnastics experience with us, feel confident in their abilities at every level, and be the best they can be.

At Cygnus, we don’t just teach gymnastics, we teach physical literacy. A physically literate child can perform fundamental movement skills like climbing, running and jumping. These skills give children the confidence and competence to enjoy a range of sports and physical activities. Gymnastics is named as one of the foundation sports by Sport Canada. It is the perfect sport to learn these skills and more,  in a safe and encouraging environment.


While there are many recreational facilities in our province, Cygnus is in a class of its own. For 45 Years we have been successful in setting ourselves apart thanks to creative and innovative leadership and planning. Our Board is comprised of a mix of Cygnus Alumni, professional community leaders and parents. This gives us a legacy built around success and continuing development with a clear path to a brighter future.

We have the Island’s top coaching staff all trained under the National Coaching Certification Program, led by the guidance of the ONLY Level 4 Gymnastics Coach in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Not only does our facility boast the best equipment and strong safety standards, all our staff are trained in child safety, first aid, and concussion prevention.

Cygnus provides members the skills needed to be successful in life outside of sport. The physical benefits are matched by non-physical skills such as social, emotional, and life experiences that are derived from the Cygnus Gymnastics culture in striving to “be the best we can be”.