Gymnastics Programs

Select the age of your child to determine which programs are available to you!


Tipsie Toesies

0 to 3 years
Child-directed 50 minute class with Adult Participation
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Crazy Crawlers

0 to 1 years
Gymnastics for Babies! Ages 4 months to Walking.
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Rollin' Rascals

3 to 4 years
Children ages 3 & 4 participate in an Hour class lead by a Qualified Coach
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Daring Dynamos

5 years of age
Children ages 5 particpate in a one hour class lead by a qualified coach
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Community Programs

0 years and up
Cygnus has a variety of Community Programs. Call us for details.
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Beginner Recreational

6 to 12 years
Badge Levels Burgungy-Bronze
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Intermediate Recreational

6 to 12 years
Badge levels Purple-Silver
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Advanced Recreational

6 to 13 years
Badge levels Orange-Gold
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Teen Rec

13 to 17 years
Gymnastics classes for teens above 13 years of age.
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Drop In

1 years and up

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